The Niah Cave is located within the district of Miri in Sarawak. As part of Niah National Park, the main cave – Niah Great Cave, is located in Mt. Subis and is made up of several voluminous, high-ceilinged chambers. The Great Cave lies in a large limestone block, about a kilometer long in general north to south direction and about half a kilometer wide, that is detached from the main Mt. Subis complex, by a valley between about 150 to 200 meters wide.

Famous for its edible birds’ nest (Swiftlets) found high up in the cave (about 300ft) from the ground, you are also able to see the prehistoric wall drawing as well as the preserved remains of artifacts during the Stone Age (40,000 years old) at the Painted Cave.

  • Meet up at hotel lobby or Miri airport and depart for Niah National Park (Two and a half hour)
  • Upon arrival at Park headquarters, register and brief study of the park information at the information center.
  • Then take a short boat to cross the river to visit Niah museum.
  • After visiting the museum, proceed to walk on plank for 3KM to the caves main entrance (forty-five minutes)
  • Niah Caves is famous for its edible birds nest found high-up in the cave about 300ft from the ground.
  • In the Painted cave you are about to see the prehistoric wall drawing as well as the preserved remains of the STONE AGE PEOPLE 40,000 year old.
  • Return journey on the same plank path to Niah National Park.
  • Lunch at Niah local restaurants
  • After tours, transfer to Tusan Beach which is a beautiful beach area that features arch cliff with a nature arch ended through it.
  • After 30 minutes, transfer back to hotel
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