The Klias River Cruise would be going through a Mangrove Forest Reserve. Which you would be able to spot the endangered tree-dwelling Proboscis Monkeys with many others animal like Macaques, Crocodiles, and Monitor Lizard.

You will board again at night to view the the natural Pyro Technique Performers of the nights called The Fireflies


14:00 pm
Meet at hotel lobby and depart for Kota Klias, located approximately 112 km from Kota Kinabalu. The journey will pass small towns, paddy fields and villages.

16:00 pm
Arrive at Kota Klias Jetty, local tea/coffee and cakes will be served.

16:30 pm
Board boat for river cruise to search for the odd nosed monkeys of Borneo – the Proboscis monkeys. You shall also be able to spot out other interesting mangrove inhabitants like hornbills, kingfishers, gibbons and so forth.

18:00 pm
Arrive at the jetty for a hearty dinner overlooking the Klias River. When darkness sets in, board the boat at the jetty, and go out to witness nature’s display of Christmas lights – the Fireflies.

19:00 pm
After the natural pyrotechnic show, go back to jetty then depart for Kota Kinabalu and transfer to your respective hotels.

21:30 pm
Reach KK city hotel.


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