Via Ferrata at Mt. Kinabalu

What is Via Ferrata?

A Via Ferrata (Italian for “road of iron”) or klettersteig (German for “climbing path”) is a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, stemples, ladders, and bridges. The use of these allows otherwise isolated routes to be joined to create longer routes which are accessible to people with a wide range of climbing abilities. Walkers and climbers can follow vie ferrate without needing to use their own ropes and belays, and without the risks associated with unprotected scrambling and climbing. In English the plural can be written either vie ferrate or via ferratas.

The first via ferrata were built in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy during the First World War, to aid the movement of the Italian mountain infantry. Nowadays, they can be found in a number of European countries, including Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Norway and a few places in the United States, Canada, Iran and Singapore. The world’s highest Via Ferrata (Low’s Peak Circuit) , at 3,800M, is located at Mount Kinabalu in the state of Sabah, Malaysia.

It has quickly become one of the most exciting outdoor activities for novice or expert climbers who enjoy the challenge and the excitement. If you want to add more adventure onto the normal climbing trip to Mt Kinabalu, via ferrata would be it!


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