Nabawan Orou Sapulot

The word “Orou” in the Murut language means “The Sun”. Orou Sapulot was established with the vision to help the economic development of the villagers primarily in Sapulot and its surrounding areas.

Orou Sapulot also endeavors to expose and educate people from all around the world on the importance of nature to mankind as well as the importance to conserve it for future generations.

The concept of these tours is based on providing our guests a chance to time travel back to nature living but with sufficient amenities for comfort stay. Not only one is able to indulge in the beauty of the natural environment to the fullest, but also able to experience the other wonders and activities offered within the area.

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3D2N A Taste of Nature
This package is recommended for visitors who are interested in discovering the off the beaten paths, adventurous activities such as caving, jungle trekking, climbing limestone pinnacles, traditional boat (perahu) trips and dynamic inland culture in the jungle of North Borneo. With this in mind, you are about to enter a remote ...
4D3N Journey To The Heart of Nature
The fascinating part of this location is not only for its luscious rainforest but also because of an interesting local folklore. It was said that the giant rocky pinnacle -- Batu Punggul, was once a traditional Murut longhouse that was turned into stone overnight, by their angry Gods, as one ...